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On the Goldilocks theory of training for politiciians

Peter Cheevers

 England 18 hours ago

The Goldilocks (porridge not too hot not too cold just perfect) theory of training for 'Politicians';

1.  get a good University indoctrination - hard to deny that will not be of a left wing bias if 95% approx' of the Academics (Harvard Study) are of a leftist viewpoint, 
2 followed by apprenticeship under senior swamp life long tenants, with gut wrenching legerdemain tendencies. 
This notion of being 'trained' is past its sell by date. The populace is sick and tired of 'trained' politicians and the fault lies in the very 'training' that is advocated like some beacon.

The 'trainers' teachers/academics (why are they all so leftists) why are actors and people in the arts so leftist? answer: MONEY public funding

What we want from these 'traners' is construction of a society rather that absolute values which they propagate in their teaching

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