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Does God love the multiverse?

Is there a  one-to-one correspondence between the multiverse and belief in a divine creator?

Several philosophers have argued that if theism is true, we should expect the actual world to be a multiverse: being a perfect being, God would create a multiverse rather than just a single universe (Kraay 2010). It is possible to answer affirmatively to the question, “does God love the multiverse?”, such as the physicist Don Page did at a symposium in 2008 (see Page 2008).

 Even if there are trillions of universes,or the overwhelming thought that there might be an infinite number of them, religious apologists might argue  they could have been providentially created by the almighty God with a purpose we cannot fathom. Quite

Why not? It has even been suggested (by Paul Davies) that multiverse explanations are reminiscent of divine explanations and unintentionally reintroduce a transcendent creator????

But even if the universe is temporally finite big bang and the star (sun) we are dependent on  will die out, that is a local view and in the more vast cosmological terrain it all may well be spatially and materially infinite.  We tend when thinking of such things to fall back on anthropic reasoning, blame dopy Hollywood, 'they' come from elsewhere (aliens) none the less they have heads like us and fingers to make millions of dollar through nonsense.

If space is infinite putting the edge of the observable universe at about 46.5 billion light-years away.and the cosmological principle is assumed to be valid, the universe will contain an infinite number of galaxies, stars, atoms and everything else. Such actual infinities not only cause philosophical and logical problems, they may also cause problems of a theological nature.

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