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Will our future be species transfornation

In the past and currently nuclear weapons have compelled the superpowers ‘to find alternative and peaceful ways to resolve conflicts’ 

So maybe we should be focusing on species annihilation as on species transformation

In the view of the technologically elite science and technology drive the future (perhaps as it has always done ake The Industrial Rvolution,  Homo sapiens may cease to be, in this new techno world 
not because Earth will become uninhabitable or because Donald Trump or Kim Jong-un will push the button, but because we will become new kinds of beings: our bodies, minds and relationships with the environment and with mechanical devices will be altered in fundamental ways. Our capacities to know and to do things have always depended on our tools, but now these tools are acquiring the potential to transform what it means to be human. New tools will become parts of our bodies: we will have bionic hands, feet and eyes; nanorobots will cruise the bloodstream keeping an eye out for disease and repairin

The  damages of age and injury; wearable and implanted devices will expand our sensory repertoires and alter our moods; biological tools will infiltrate our cells, redesign our genes, and give us new and improved flesh, blood and neurons.

In this new world of technological inteference Democracy will no longer be the virgin it has been in the past.

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