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Truth and morality reside on a narrow ledge

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What is truth? What is moral what is ethical ? are as brief as questions can be, but in attempting to answer them, one realizes that they float on a narrow ledge beyond which run treacherous waters full of deep-rooted and tangled weeds.

In the light of this how can we halt the regress of questioning; i.e
What ought I to desire? 
What ought I to desire to desire? . . . 
What ought we to agree to? What ought we to agree to agree to

How can ethical reasoning have been narrowed to such abstract and limited ideas? MacIntyre draws on Marx to explain how social arrangements and relations of power and dependency gave rise to various interests that were served through managing behavior by promulgating certain kinds of responsibilities and rights. 

The aggregation of these diverse forms of obligation makes up “Morality.” 

Philosophers who define and defend “Morality” have failed to see that they too are subject to various social and economic constraints and incentives, and in their thinking they have tended, generally unwittingly, to voice as deliverances of reason what in fact are the behavioral requirements for the successful functioning of social and economic institutions

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