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Trump as the excuse for any gangster grammar vulgarity

In the culture of the Trump presidency: you see it in the newspapers, often in in gangster grammar
the magazines and in television. Mainstream media are speaking almost in unison; they are out of control with a consistency that shows they have forgotten what control feels like

Take Rachel Maddow, the MSNBC news host, she as is the virulent media a champion  of 'unnamed sources, leans forward and leans in,  five nights a week in near euphoria at the prospect of the next unwilling witness, the next Trump associate, the next recovered document or ‘new development’ that will bring us one step closer to putting this president in handcuffs and shackles.
Obsession with Trump has become an excuse for almost any vulgarity. Also for testing the third rail of fame in the cause of experimental valour and affected rebellion: Johnny Depp etc
We are already used to seeing these provocations followed a day or two later by an apology as insincere as it is ineffectual.

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