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The French boy king Maceroon muscles his way in to stand by 'Uncle' Trump at G20

The French  boy king Maceroon muscles his way in to stand by Trump at G20.

Why do I think of Lear as the Fool sits at his feet, and addresses Lear as Noncle

Fool as played by Macron: Can you make no use of nothing, Uncle?

Lear as played by Donald Trump:  What the fuck are you talking about and stop calling me Uncle
and stop standing so close to me

Macron:  I am the boy King and i can call you what I like, as to standing so close to you I have to think
of my image after all I have a supine electorate to pleaseImage result for poodle

 see:  as Macron jostles his in to stand with Trump

for this sad jejune juvenile behaviour

  this unseemly selfie pursuit by the French President and you know he is a former banker
how impressive to be a banker, wonder what drew him into that, I am not going
to turn up that stone for fear what I might find beneath it.

What are we to make of this?

Over to Joe Scarborough

Morning Joe Scarborough Mika Brzezinskih,

he of the sylvan tongue, the nation's unanointed poet, for a reasoned observation:

Joe:  Look at him....he should be called Macer 'loon; sidling up to Trump in that disgusting way
look at the way he shuffles towards Trump in that disgusting and demeaning way....

Well Joe you are no Baudelaire, but none the less you and Robert de Niro (I would like to punch Trump) might lobby
the Pulitzer Prize committee for your poetic language

Le garçon français, le roi Maceroon, s'entoure de Trump au G20.

Que devons-nous faire de cela?

Au-devant de Joe Scarborough, il de la langue sylvanaise, le poète unanché de la nation, pour une observation raisonnée:

Joe: regardez-le ... il s'appellerait Macer 'loon; Se dirigeant vers Trump de cette façon dégoûtante
Regardez la façon dont il se balaye vers Trump de cette manière dégoûtante et dégradante ...

Bien, Joe, vous n'êtes pas Baudelaire, mais néanmoins, vous et Robert de Niro (je voudrais faire un coup de foudre contre Trump) pourraient faire un lobby
Le prix Pulitzer pour votre langue poétique

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