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Nailed in France by Jane Austen

I am on holiday in beautiful France with wife and daughter.

On arrival we sit on the beach and watch the sun set, what could be more ideal.

However that night mucho stomach trouble a restless night ensues, the following morning still got upset stomach

'Look I will stay here while you two head off the morning,' I stoically suggest.

 Now the morning drags for they have been gone for some time...another hour elapses and they are still not back.

I am getting furious...they arrive back all smiles and expectant faces.
I stamp my foot in a rage....why the  hell were you so long, ruined for three three days..

On the last day of the holiday .I pick up the book my daughter had been reading Persuasion  by Jane Austen.

I start leafing through it and arrive  quickly at a passage that is revelatory about my behaviour.

(I have adapted the quote it is not gender specific)

'S/he had no resources for solitude s/he had inherited self importance...was in the habit of fancying her/hinself neglected and ill used when left alone to her/his own devices.

Pity I picked it up on the last day of our 'hols'.

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