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'Moral, ethical, right, truth' are just mood enhancing words abstracted from tradition

Richard Rorty, argues that philosophers’ obsession with such merely mood-enhancing words as Reason, Reality, Truth, Objectivity and Method is little more than the fetishism of an increasingly parochial discipline. If you really want to understand how knowledge is made and judgments are justified get off your funded chairs and get into the real world   

Rational expertise fails in general as a guide to real-life practical action, and that it does so not merely because it is in the service of unjust or uncaring agents but because it is abstracted from the world it is supposed to regulate. In which case, your message might take on a rather simpler quality:

 ‘Don’t prescribe a solution before you describe the predicament’; ‘When you confront the real world, be suitably modest about your powers and your knowledge’; as with Montaigne, ‘Que sais-je?’ (what do I know)

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