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Living under the terror of the 24/7 news cycle - are the real terrorists the media?

Our  consciousness of the world is under constant siege and interruption;  as if ordinary life 
is no more than intervals in a storm for you will get the real events in the blitzkrieg of the 24/7 news cycle;
your life is  impermanence, trivial sideline  and  little of what you believe is true
what is true and real is what is pumped out by soi disant (so called) educated journalists, who have all gone through the same educational  process (never hearing an illiberal view) in their oh so politically correct education by a Professoriat who are 94% (Harvard survey) of the liberal left

These supposedly objective journalist believe that they operate under a luminous lens. However the claim to objective journalism  is a pompous contradiction in terms. What we witness in journalism is the leftist imagination full of ardent ideology for a a 'better' more 'moral' world usurping reality through their privileged platform

Yes, we (journalists) have the power to tranquilize their readers in the mind as we operate under our penumbra (shadow)  of authority

Journalistic Ideas should be developed dialogically, not in a dry or logical dialogue, but in the confrontation of global and profoundly individualistic voices.
Doest0evsky on having a meta view
 ‘Do you know, gentlemen, people are born in various circumstances: can you not conceive that this woman in other circumstances might have been some Juliet or Beatrice or Gretchen from Faust? ... And so this same Beatrice or Gretchen is beaten and whipped like a dog!’ One can see here in embryo the process of Dostoevsky’s creative imagination, out of which came some of his greatest characters. Beginning with a sordid journalistic fact, he fills it out fictively but believably from his knowledge of (peasant) life, and then suddenly raises the pitiable victim to the same plane as some of the most radiant female characters in European literature.

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