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How politicians and the liberal elite have caused cultural insecurity throughout Europe and the US

The very respected Montaigne in France in a recent study stated that In all, 82% of the Muslims in France were in one way or another attached to a public expression of their faith - often in accordance with the law but always in breach of French tradition and morals. It is therefore to this massive cultural split, that the people of Nice are confronted with the everyday life, those who are criticized for being unduly concerned about identity problems and even for being xenophobic, whereas in certain neighborhoods Of the city center, a stone's throw away from Place Masséna, they feel justified that their culture is now in a minority, whereas in certain outlying districts, foreign journalists come to write: "We are in Tunis, Marrakech, in Algiers". 

One wonders what Macron has to say about this was he not 
as Hollande's 'assistant' the quiet enforcer of what some call the cultural assasination of France 

Original text

Soit, au total, 82% des musulmans de France attachés d'une manière ou d'une autre à une expression publique de leur foi - souvent en accord avec la loi mais toujours en rupture avec la tradition et les mœurs françaises.

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