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How not to be partisan

To clash head-on with a position he opposes; either he allows it to refute itself, by depicting the terrible human consequences it may entail, or he poses an alternative image exemplifying another moral attitude

So what one is seeking instead of unreflecting piety (we hold the moral high ground) rather than chords or superior harmony; is considered thought.

 One has to consider the point of view antithetical to one's  own.

For instance in the recent UK election that lapsed woodwork teacher nearly won, and it was because of the student population, now intelligent and well-intentioned young people could be wrong but not entirely and simply wrong, and  a kind of death it would be to lose touch with their aspirations. 

 The Liberal meta-utopia, in which a Utopian vision is constantly being played off against, and undermined by, a sceptical questioning of its beguiling previsions. #

The liberal left -  kick the can down the road Obama  had 8 ears ‘riven by inconsistencies’ that goes with  incompatible demands of being a world leader  And no amount of smooth talking and studied pauses
could disguise that -  I mean look at his legacy.

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