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Has Scaramucci ever read Jane Austen?

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Scaramucci contemplating Jane Austen as he wonders what he will say at Press Conference

Perhaps Mr Scaramucci might take a course in reading, say Jane Austen's Persuasion for starters and extract from it the art and finesses of social restraint.

One worried about this man (Scaramucci) who on his first public outing where he wished his predecessor well and hoped he would go on to make lots of money. WHAT MONEY!!!
is that all he could wish his predecessor, but in that comment one realised the limitations of his references;  MONEY without any understanding of the vulgarity of flaunting it in public

Oh dear, oh dear you got it badly wrong Donald in this appointment as with your public denunciation of one of your most staunch allies Sessions.

One wonders who is advising Trump, who has his ear?

Wake up Ivanka and smell the coffee  RESTRAINT  is called for

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