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The new 'norrnal' leftist political violence, Hillary urges the war term 'Resistance'

How The American Left Made Political Violence The New Normal

Hillary Clinton states (after her defeat) we are the 'resistance' this is tacitly declaring war; condoning violence; by using a military term, the term 'resistance' is most commonly associated with the French 'resistance' against the Nazis in the 2nd World War, surely Hillary a supposedly educated woman would have been aware of this
when urging her supporters to be the 'resistance'. She is completely irresponsible 
in using this term - the left's ritualistic invocation of Hitler for the right
is bias out of control.
This is the mantra,we the 'left' are virtuous (whatever that is supposed to mean as 'virtue; is an opinion not a fact) and you the 'right' are evil incarnate.


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