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'Endogamy' the Democrats end game

The Russians from that word has come a luxurious exfoliation out of the monadic isolation of the word.

The very concept of the atom produces a multiplicity of other atoms, identical to itself; the notion of the One generates many Ones; the force of attraction that pulls everything external into the internal, that absorbs all difference into identity, now subverts and negates itself, and the repulsion into which attraction suddenly turns acquires a new name:' Russians'

The centripetal tendency to absorb everything external into itself, is termed 'endogamy'
ovehanging current US political debate is the ripe and easily pickable low hanging  fruit 'the Russians'.

The law of endogamy does have its own way of thinking and has  for acknowledging difference and relegating it to a subordinate and intermittent, indeed cyclical and harmlessly festive category. It calls such incursions from the outside Republicans.

Despite the Comey testimony and the Russians  collusion  saturation til the point of exhaustion
 they will attempt the  inversion or negation of itself

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