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Wodehouse and Waugh and the killing of wasps

 '....she was occupied killing wasps in the honey on her plate' one of their heroines is described.
 Killing wasps ‘with a teaspoon’ is not only one of the few incongruously bloodthirsty activities indulged in by Wodehouse’s heroes and heroines, but has an odd status in the Waugh family archive. In his unfinished memoir, A Little Learning, Waugh blandly records that his paternal grandfather killed a wasp that was buzzing round his wife by pressing it against her forehead with the knob of his cane.

Art, in both their indefatigable casuistical cases, has to sustain itself at a remarkably artificial level above existence, although Waugh’s great skill consists in part of appearing to demonstrate starkly to his reader that this is not so.

Their heroines have a disdain for self scrutiny and
 long to be showered with anxiety and endearments

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