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Where's my 'clean earth' money and my carbon footprint is not up for discussion

Just yesterday we noted that President Obama pocketed $3.2 million for a 1.5-hour speaking gig at a climate change conference in exorbitant fee, by anyone's measure, which Dilbert creator Scott Adams most accurately described as a "pre-bribe."
And while we're certain that Obama's motivation to appear in Milan had absolutely nothing to do with the money, but rather was born out of a pure concern for Mother Earth, we do find his travel arrangements, in light of that genuine environmental concern, somewhatThe tab for President Obama's French motorcade - seen here next to Air Force One - cost taxpayers a cool 784,825  ironic. 
Apparently, according to the Independent Journal Review, it takes a private jet, 14-car motorcade 300 police and multiple helicopters patrolling overhead just to get one man to a conference...quite the carbon footprint.

Anyone round here got a sick bag? for this is 'swamp' extrodinaire behaviour and they get away with it.

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