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They might be Prime Ministers, Presidents and Chancellors in their own countries, but when the 27 Nato leaders lined up to listen to Donald Trump outside the alliance’s new billion-euro headquarters in Brussels, they looked like naughty schoolchildren at assembly.
For this was the Headmaster speaking there was 
the odd giggle from Macron but then he has always been cheeky in class I mean if you marry your teacher etc...
EU leaders had promised to mount a charm offensive with Mr Trump, but the ever-forthright US president was clearly in no mood for niceties as he took the podium beside a twisted fragment of wreckage from New York’s Twin Towers.
Mr Trump had come to Brussels - a city he infamously referred to as a “hellhole” - to make plain that America is fed up with picking up the tab for Europe's security: some 70% of all Nato spending comes from Washington.  As they lined up did they feel like parasites with their shining new building paid for by the US I mean dear Europeans if you had paid your bills would you have had the money to build such 
a 'thing'
I have been to Brussels recently it is a thoroughly
frightening place

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