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Putin the enemy of choice for Democrats - a hazy figure on the Horizon

Image result for a figure on the horizon

Can you see him?  I know it is not quite clear but he is our enemy of choice, out there, somewhere?Image result for a figure on the horizon

planning to get us and to interfere in our oh so blameless lives (Obama pockets another million or two for purporting this kind of paranoid nonsense)  But look there are benefits to being paranoid, I mean it does draw attention to us self righteous Democrats.

How long has this hazy figure been out there?

Oh stretches back for ages do you recall the Sochi Olympics in 2014 and well before that
do  you remember the Cold War well we Democrats kind of long for that fro at least there was a kind
of certainty to it THEN v US  yes, the good guys (us) and the bad guys (them) not unlike
a Hollywood Western.

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