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Political wives: Michelle Obama's 'thesis' and Brigitte Macron's macaroons

Political wives  are normally marched up on stage to give their husbands adoring stares
think Michelle Obama and now Macron's wife.

But there is a back story here.

Consider the case of Michelle Obama. She was raised in a two-parent, middle-class family. She applied to one of America’s top universities, Princeton, and was admitted. Of this experience, Michelle says on the stump, “All my life I have confronted people who had a certain expectation of me. Every step of the way, there has been people telling me what I couldn’t do. When I applied to Princeton, they said: you can’t go there, your test scores aren’t high enough.”
Which is all very moving, except that her test scores weren’t high enough. Michelle Obama is part of the affirmative action generation of above-average but far-from-stellar performers who were granted preferential admission to America’s most elite institutions.
Michelle notes that she graduated with honors in her major. Again, the problem is that her undergraduate thesis is on the web. You might expect that she wrote about Shakespeare’s sonnets or the political evolution of W.E.B. Du Bois. Well, no. Essentially Michelle Obama wrote about the problems of being a black woman at an Ivy League university. (Or as Cristopher Hitchens has it 'wrote'a thesis that is written in any known language that he is aware of'. Michelle's thesis caused some to claim that she was semi-literate or if that is too harsh, not that, then soi disant educated 

But hats off to Princeton for its alumni can come up with bon mots apercus such as 
 'We go high when you go low' cringe.

Brigitte Macron presents a whole new set of issues, think of Macron's mother when she got the news of her sonImage result for macaroons's
intent to marry a woman who was the same age as her.
Zut, alors, mon dieu

But Macron's wife has one saving grace the Michelle does not have, and it is that her family
manufacture macaroons  Zut alors Oui   Yes and these delicasies are so delicious 
that all is forgiven.
Speaking of soi disant  (so called) educated it would be of some interest to see Brigitte Macron's writing
on being a drama teacher, you know the Greeks; what is 'drama' does Art exist, Shaw's pithy
those who teach teach, those who can do'. If Brigitte Macron's thoughts were written down it might give us some insight into, now, one of the most powerful men in the world;
 Mais oui  Brigitte, instead of standing back adoringly applauding her charismatic husband maybe you could let us know what you have to say.
Poor, pauvre France, the political class has destroyed a very beautiful country

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