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Gernany and its bias in how it teaches students German history

In 21st-century Germany, the history curriculum is controlled by the 16 states, and is characterized not by superpatriotism but rather by an "almost pacifistic and deliberately unpatriotic undertone" and reflects "principles formulated by international organizations such as UNESCO or the Council of Europe, thus oriented towards human rights, democracy and peace." 
The result is that "German textbooks usually downplay national pride and ambitions and aim to develop an understanding of citizenship centred on democracy, progress, human rights, peace, tolerance and Europeanness."[73]

This might be justifably be termed Pseudohistory i
 a term applied to texts which purport to be historical in nature but which depart from standard historiographical conventions in a way which undermines their conclusions.

Conclusions that are closely related to deceptive historical revisionism, particularly in the fields of national, political, military affairs, 

I would submit as many others do that Angela Merkel's immigration policies are driven by German guilt and undergirded by knee jerk bias some even go as far to accuse her of being a 'logic lout'

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