Who posted the premium? Chuck Johnson assures Libération not to know. The tab to let the average Internet users to propose bonuses themselves is quite new, and it is well written on the site that it was published by the team of We Searchr.
On the other site of Chuck Johnson, this image of Macron with a rainbow flag in the background is also used to talk about the Macron Leaks, supposed to prove this rumor: Macron would be on a gay mailing list, site. For Johnson, the subject is important: "This is important because France has never had a homo president. I think there is a lot of evidence, " he tries to justify in almost perfect French, being unable to cite a single one (apart from the age of Brigitte Macron, who is obviously not not one). When it is pointed out that in addition to the fact that Macron is listed on a gay mailing list is nowhere in the Leaks , Johnson ensures that he is not as sure as us. We insist,
Source French Newspaper LIBERATION 13/05/2017

And here is something which is not 'fake' news

 The success of the new president Macron is not so much to his own young turk genius but  to the willingness of his generous donors, coming from finance and large companies, who saw him as their one hope.  
Does this not smack of the Clintons?


plus ca change = we the French people are resigned 
in our acknowledgement of the fundamental immutability of human nature and institutions.
No wonder millioniare Tony Blair was slithering around the airwaves expressing his delight at Macron's election just as the left were cock a hoop at Hollande's election and look what happened there.

Pauve France, such a beautiful country, it has been destroyed by left leaning politicians just as Germany is being destroyed by mad Merkel.
These countries will never be the same and this is the case in the UK
without the permission of the UK electorate Tony Blair flooded the country with immigrants in order to'rub the right's nose in diversity'
and secure their voter base.  Politicians don't you just despise them?