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Your personality is not set in stone - you can change it.

Your true self: How your personality changes throughout life

You are not the person you were as a child, or even last year. The discovery that our characters change is unnerving, but embrace it and it can be empowering

Image result for personalityAS A child, Paul was extremely shy, he blushed a lot and this blushing went on until his 20s it was painful for him and his family but he overcame his shyness to live a successful and full life,  So how did he change his personality and how did he acquire the confidence to become a well rounded a successful person. Well, he acquired confidence through
psychotherapy and group therapy it was this new found confidence that changed his personality
Psychologist say shyness (blushing)  is an indicator of a low level of extroversion, a key measure of personality
Most of us consider our personality to be an integral and unchanging part of who we are – perhaps the essence of that thing we call the self.
Personality refers to an individual’s thought patterns and behaviours, which tend to persist over time. Now mounting evidence is undermining that notion. Personality is far more mutable than we thought. 
Good news for those of us who wish our personalities were just that little bit different.

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