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Can we teach morality to robots

 Yes Master, every day and in every way I will label them as racists, bigots, deplorables, misogynists
homophobics islamophobics and any other names my master algorrithm may devise.

Scary? you betcha.

However to the question can we teach morality to robots, the corresponding question should be 'What is morality' is it opinion or fact?  

Can machines think – and, if so, can they think critically about race and gender? 

Robots have been racist and sexist for as long as the people who created them have been racist and sexist, because machines can work only from the information given to them, usually by the white, straight men who dominate the fields of technology and robotics, sorry,
make that transgender Ivy Leaguers and those sympa to the left wing causes who dominate the fields of technology (I am being flippant)

Recent reports have shown that machine-learning systems are picking up racist and sexist ideas embedded in the language patterns they are fed by human engineers. The idea that machines can be as bigoted as people is an uncomfortable one for anyone who still believes in the moral purity of the digital future, but there’s nothing new or complicated about it. “Machine learning” is a fancy way of saying “finding patterns in data”. Of course, as Lydia Nicholas, senior researcher at the innovation thinktank Nesta, explains, all this data “has to have been collected in the past, and since society changes, you can end up with patterns that reflect the past. If those patterns are used to make decisions that affect people’s lives you end up with unacceptable discrimination.”

Also if you are a white male between the age of 25-30, educated in predominantly Liberal establishment your bias will be to the left -  which is the case of most employees in Silicon Valley  who are currently engineering our 'digital' future.

So will our Robots in the future be suffused with PC/Diversity/Globalisation/Pro Immigration/Open Borders?

A future scenario: your Robot collects your mail from the hallway it gives it to you
and as you discard some post which is left leaning political entreaties for support
the Robot chants out at you 'Racist, Bigot, Islamophobe'

But it is OK because you have come to accept this mindless Robotic mantra and you promise to oil his/her/its wheel to shut the f... up.

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