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US 'Snowflakes' blow across the Atlantic to the UK

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Documents obtained under freedom of information legislation show undergraduates at the UK  Hull University have been advised that “language is important and highly symbolic” and informed they should be “aware of the powerful and symbolic nature of language and use gender-sensitive formulations”, while “failure to use gender-sensitive language will impact your mark”

Husband/partner h/she etc, of course language has to change, but what of the 
Liberal overreach in US/UK Universities, in the Humanities it has been reliably
documented that the liberal bias in the Professoriat is 63 to 1

So the teachers are of a particulate mind set and this is inculcated into the
student body. who go forth into the world replete with liberal bias so strong in their belief and certainty that one could deem it to be a religious belief for a Liberal Caliphate.

This Liberal overreach has consequences Obama gives birth to Trump
Crestfallen loser Democrats engender a tacit civil war in the US with left opposed to right
etc etc 

Back to the marking by those 'oh so unbiased' teachers, how about marking down students
who demonstrate leftist Liberal bias in their academic work.

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