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Lampooning Donald Trump as simian (ape anology) surely constitutes a hate crime

As unseemly as it is for candidates to liken people to animals, it is mostly okay for the rest of us; politicians themselves are fair, um, game. One of the pleasures of even the ugliest campaigns is seeing our puffed-up candidates deflated by wit.
But not always.
There’s one portrayal, growing in currency, which connects the analogists to something as stinky as anything in this year’s fetid campaign. It’s the portrayal of Donald Trump as an ape, or a monkey,

I wold sbnit that lampooning Donald Trump  as simian (ape like)  surely constitutes a hate crime because humanizing animals is a lot different from dehumanizing people

 Racist imagery. Simian images have long been deployed to strip the humanity from people or groups. They are particularly charged because they imply not just animal qualities, but sub-human qualities that link them to some less evolved stage of development

What ever way viewed because it is a toxic analogy and if said about a black person would be a hate crime and there would be legal redress

So why are  soi disant (so called) 'educated' and 'respected' news anchors on the major networks allowed to get away with this as do comedians Bill Maher being a case in point.

Aw well, one law for them and another for the 'delporables'.

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