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Ivanka's sophistication draws hisses and boos from 'liberal' Europeans

Would these oh so liberal Europeans, coasting on their mind numbing moral outrage, have booed and hissed at a Muslim radical cleric. No, because the 'left' don't do that.

Ivanka Trunp strikes me - a sophisticated European I would submit -  as a highly sophisticated young woman with style, panache and dignity ( recall how she  comforted the grieving war widow at a Trump rally) I would submit - you have to display your abject humility in offering views because there is the modern day version of the Colosseum out there - Social Media licking its lips
to emotionally savage anyone with a counter view.

I think, or would submit, that Ivanka Trump is a real compliment to her father.

Alongside Ivanka Trump in this stage managed Merkel meeting sat
Christine Lagarde recentl in court over €400m payout to a French tycoon ...

Resulting in the following headlines: 19 Dec 2016 - Christine Lagarde avoids jail, keeps job after guilty verdict in negligence trial ... A French court convicted the head of the International Monetary....

Now did the Liberal class boo and hiss her when she spoke? 

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