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However the cynical French political class circle their wagons 'Le Penism' is not going away.

Fear of terrorism (not just Le Pen but every sane person on the planet)
Resentment towards the elites mistrust of globalization and the ‘system’, distrust of politics (there is something quite sinister about career politicians, compare and contrast career politician Obama and Trump) 
The legacy of carer politicians Hollande in France - Le Pen. Obama - Trump, it is the non-action of career politicians who induce the populace to seek out a 'save us' providential leader
Lastly the disenchantment with Institutions in Europe it is the EU and that whatever the result of the French election on Sunday - will not go away, why do they refuse to hold a referendum on the EU and the Euro, the answer to that question returns one to the disenchantment with career (self interest) politicians
all the conditions that feed the Front National – will still exist after 7 May

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