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Conflating Trump with Hitler...whatever next from the left

 Both Hitler and Trump had similar hair of course Adolf's had a cow lick and Donald's is
more bouffant but hair tells you a lot...after all....Related image

I mean they both proclaimed their countries to be “losers,” offered themselves as demi gods and pledged a return to the glories of an imagined golden past.Image result for comparisons of hitler to trump

But that is what every politician does, ie Obama and his promised land.

Hillary we go high while they go low 

Of course Trump has a family and pretty impressive too in my estimation and Hitler was barren
but leaving that aside, still they both drew large there, but so does every politician 
at this point you give up and accept that the left will resort to any ruse to 
in their pseudo learned way.

Trump has a giant ego, as did Hitler, but so do all politicians who put themselves forward for election believing that they are the 'ones' to lead and show others the way. Is not the Clinton dynasty just one giant ego?

Comparisons are odious and none more odious than a preachy lefty academic digging the dirt 

to besmirch someone (Trump) who is not singing from the same ideological hymn sheet

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