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A quite terrifying leftist view of Ivanka's earrings

Angela Merkel sits next to Ivanka Trump in her mismatched earrings in Berlin this week.Yes Ivanka's earring will cause world chaos, they are a threat to world order
indeed their threat is on a par with North Korea, we should all be afeared and take to bomb shelter

Below was is an extract from an article in a supposedly serious UK paper the Guardian

'....but more insidious than all this is that the Picasso-asymmetry of mismatched earrings suggests an independent-minded, creative-thinking outlook, an identity Ivanka Trump deliberately flirts with. We should all be scared of Ivanka’s earrings, because they represent what makes her the most terrifying of all the Trump circle, which is her Bladerunner-replicant-like ability to make you believe – just for a second – that she is a bit like us. Remember when she wore a Hillary-esque white trousersuit to the inauguration, deliberately fuelling dangerous nonsense-talk that she is in some real sense a secret feminist

Quite terrifying stuff..

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