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Why are rapper anti-Trump tweets and Bill Maher insults not deemed 'hate'' crimes.

In the UK recently Former England international Paul Gascoigne is to face charges of racially aggravated abuse over a gag he made in a comedy show.
The remarks came during an evening billed An Audience With Paul Gascoigne at the Civic Hall in Wolverhampton on November 30 last year.
He is alleged to have made a 'joke' about a black security guard who he spotted in a darkened corner of the stage and said he could not tell "if he is smiling or not".
The 49-year-old has been summoned to appear at Wolverhampton Magistrates Court on June 17 - the day after England face Wales in Euro 2016.

So compare and contrast this to recent 'rapper' anti-Trump tweets and Bill Maher consistent anti Trump insults - why are these not deemed 'hate'' crimes.

Because in the name of legal consisency they are hateful and hurtful.

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