Universities stifle debate as academics lurch to the left - with THREE IN FOUR now backing left and liberal parties 

  • Adam Smith Institute said there has been an increasing ‘skew’ towards the left
  • Think-tank said only 12 per cent of lecturers and researchers are conservatives
  • This is in contrast to general population, half of which vote for right-wing parties
  • Report warns that without more ideological diversity in academia, the rejection of left-liberal values will increasingly equate to denying objective facts.
If we are all the same (88% of University Professors with left-liberal values)
this is a homogenous state of affairs, so the left leaning Professoriat have pathologized teaching.  
For If one never hears an álternative view (and I didn't in 10 years of pursuing Degrees)
then it could be argued that one exits the 'hallowed halls' of learning half educated.