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When you have children smoking dope is not an option.

When you having people such as lefty 'comedians' (why are there no right wing comedians?)
treating their use of dope as a comic foil....' hell, I suppose I am just a 'pot head'... as they lapse into the inarticulate while they continue to commandeer the airwaves

I too went down that road, not just on pot but on everything that was going, it was a short 60s window but I managed to pack a heap in,

However a good woman came along (lucky me) and all that using just fades with the children that came along and tending to their needs; no more languishing in bed, 'just have another toke on this...holy shit, wow man..' and other inanities are no longer in your scheme of things, for with children smoking weed is not an option.
In the 'real' world then, there is joy and suffering tending to the children.  but the suffering is ennobling.

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