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When will the 'left' smell the coffee

Trump. Brexit, Wilders in Holland, Le Pen in France, member nations defying the EU et al
there is an aroma of change wafting through the political landscape.

Why is it because one sort of extremism, the left's advocacy of PC, Diversity, Open Borders
muffling free speech, gives birth to the opposite, populism, whatever its faults are.

As a former naive, and studenty liberal activist, I now find the left quite frightening in its extremism, the biased newspapers, the state broadcasters
(the BBC in the UK) the EU and its overpaid and unelected commissars;  how slanted they are, one just knows what they are going to say so one gives up either listening to them or reading what they have to say - for where there should be balance there is bias.

People especially Politicians will do anything to save themselves, think of the preparation and cost
of the sartorial symbolism of the risible Democratic white suit demo' at Trump's address to Congress.
Who thought up this idea?  Nancy Pelosi, Schumer?  Alright ladies get yourself along to the outfitters
and get measured up, it's a great idea and it will really cause a stir.''

One is just embarrassed for them, pauvre Democrats

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