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What created our current PC and liberal mind set?

Can we erect a bridge between the metaphisc of yesterdad and today

The past is no longer opposed to the present, the past conditions the present

There is nothing more significant about a philosophy/mode of thinking say our current day. Spiritual life can only be described as a reality which has developed gradually…

For there is a unity in the evolution of the mind which makes all doctrines necessarily successive aspects of the same idea. Between them no real and complete opposition is possible: their diversity and opposition are reabsorbedinto the un
ity of history. 

So on to the present day secularised humanisn

PC, Liberalism than how it situates itself within or in respect to what encapsulates it.

The mode mode of human living, reflection, speaking,and writing
 that in relation to which it emerged and has developed.

So what enshrines and undergirds PC and present day Liberalism.

Are the sanctimonious, holier and prolier than thou, as they preach from the giddying heights of mount moralm doing no more than espousing theoris and opinions
for their assertions are not facts.

Was the Liberal concensus born out of the  60s, when undergrads were fed a Liberal diet by acadenics...and was the ensuing PC culture a growth from this illiberal 

 One might argue that Education from the 60wwas thus no longer directed toward people who were to be educated with a view to becoming fully developed human beings, but to be certain kinds of thinkers (Liberals) specialists, in order that they might train other specialist (Liberals)

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