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The religion of whiteness and how it feels now to be a problem.

Image result for white trump supportersHow does it feel to be a problem? as if  one was homo accidentalis.

Here I am locked into my religion of whiteness.  Sometimes I see people look me up and down and their expression is one of  'I wonder what bad luck she is bringing?' 

This I know about my 'whiteness' the epistemological significance of double consciousness is that one of the two perspectives implicit in it—that of the white world—is necessarily partial, yet positions itself as universal, or used to before the US and Europe was flooded by immigration
and so whiteness is a form of consciousness that is beginning to hide itself. 

 I thought I was a european Prospero but I am morphing into a  Caliban, a Calibanization of 'whiteness' is taking place in the US and Europe.  Look to the fall of the Roman Empire for your history lesson.

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