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The Democrats and their xenophobic conspiracy theories about the Russians

Yes, the US Democrats keep in pursuit of their quite mad xenophobic conspiracy theories about the Russians.  The Russians, the Russians it appears to be their mouthpiece and they voice their suspicions endlessly (for months now) as if they were facts.  There are no facts just conspiracy theories.

Now they are even mentioning Brexit as being influenced by the Russians.  What an insult to the British people

Paranoia can serve as a useful tool, apart from it being a suitable case for psychological treatment paranoia can serve as a drawing of attention to one self, and the Democrats are doing that in spades.
Not only are these sore losers smashing their rackets they are accusing the Umpire of being in the pay
of a .....wait for it....foreign power.

The insane and toxic conspiracy-mongering about Russia that has taken over not the fringe, dark corners of the internet that normally traffic in such delusional tripe, but rather mainstream U.S. media outlets and the Democratic Party.

This parroting of the Russians for months on end without any hard evidence is xenophobic behaviour
par excellence.

And to view it more gravely is to see it as destabilising the world and threatening the safety of us all.  

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