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Oh my God...but what if he shaves it off....there goes our diversity

YOU’VE no doubt heard the story of the latest BBC recruitment drive: they’re advertising to find a weather forecaster who knows nothing about how to forecast the weather.

Weather forecaster BBC
A scene from BBC’s W1A is no stranger than its ad for a weather forecaster
My additions to an article by STEPHEN POLLARD 
The BBC, or those of a pathologically homogeneous mind set has decided there aren’t enough disabled weather forecasters on our screens and so – according to the advert – it is “actively seeking to improve on-screen diversity”. The core thinking behind this is leftist mantra that we are all the same, but your consciousness is different than mine and as we have yet to establish what consciousness is how then can we all be the same?

Back to the BBC requirements as they endeavour to educate us in their half-educated way.

The ideal candidate for the post of weather forecast won’t only know nothing about the weather; he or she will also be disabled.we are especially seeking Goth forecasters, and kilt wearers and the visually impaired.  
The whole thing is bonkers. Specifying a list of pre-requisites for TV presenters that have nothing to do with competence and everything to do with a checklist of politically correct targets is the sign of an organisation entirely removed from reality.
When the story emerged,  critics pointed out the similarity to an episode of BBC2’s own spoof of itself, W1A, in which a Muslim forecaster is hired because he has a beard, to meet diversity targets – and the bosses then go into panic when they think he’s going to shave it off.

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