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Mirror Self-recognition - do animals know

Mirror Self-recognition

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Some research aims to explore what individuals know about their own minds. One area of much attention has been mirror self-recognition (MSR). In this paradigm, developed by psychologist Gordon Gallup, subjects are surreptitiously marked and then given a mirror. “Passing” the MSR test involves touching the mark more frequently when there is a mirror available than when there is not. Gallop argued that passing MSR entails that the animal has a concept of self (Gallup 1970), though others dispute this claim. While it was once thought to be a rare behavior, limited to some of the great apes, today many species have been studied and at least some positive results have been reported for the following species:
ChimpanzeesLin et al. 1992; Swartz & Evans 1991
GorillasShumaker & Swartz 2002
OrangutansSwartz et al. 1999
Bottlenosed dolphinsMarino et al. 1994; Reiss & Marino 2001
Asian elephantPlotnik et al. 2006
MagpiesPrior et al. 2008
Rhesus MonkeysRajala et al. 2010

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