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How Liberals try to stigmatise those who disagree

Many a time and oft people ave  been shouted down by a Liberal when choosing to disagree with them.

In a Tourette's whirl of name calling and finger pointing those with an opposing view are
stigmatizes, ''racist homophobe' etc and who wants that stigmata?

So you walk away from such discussion thinking,my God, I hope I am not a racist
and the liberal name caller continues in the comfort of his/her (supposed) moral authority and superiority. They don't know it but their Liberalism is a religion without a God and their fury and fundamentalism has a warrior (moral crusader) for it seeks not to educate but to annihilate those who disagree i,e Trump and  his 'white' deplorable'' tribe.

Push aside their finger jabbing, frothing and name calling and endeavour to explain to them that their
beloved ''morals'' are not facts, but theories which when boiled down are no more than opinions. Say to them because you feel is is 'good'that does not make it 'right''. Explain to them that they are a process  a mode of  thinking arising (in the West) out of the 60s.

And find that you ears will burn as you get the hell out of there with then hollering after you
in loud speak mode Racist Homophobe Bigot, Migogynist et al,

Image result for jesus stigmata

But why this fusillade of name calling, of putting you in your place, it is a defensive action if nothing else, apart from wishing to brand you, to label you, marginalise you  and stigmatise you.

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