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Bill Maher and his conformist audiences, who are on the same side of his antagonisms

Talk about singing from the same hymn sheet, ''every joke calls for a public of its own,’ Freud famously claimed
and Bill Maher gets an audience of his own -  an audience of avowedly left wingers;

One has to wonder  do his audiences  undergo extreme vetting at the entrance to have their left wing credentials vetted, ''Í see you like Trump, you can't come in here.'
Well the show is shot in NY or is that LA?  It doesn't matter, different coasts, same thing, 
the same left wing congregation which ever coast, who audibly groan at any word that smacks of the right
Piers Morgan, was recently heaped on by foul mouthed abuse by a sylvan tongued Australian, which our Bill and his audience seemed thrilled by.

You listen to this left wing diatribe and to the convulsive laughter and inane applause to Bill's oh so obvious Trumpisms, you just know what he is going to say, Trump put downs

Freud said, ‘laughing at the same jokes is evidence of far-reaching psychical conformity.’ To understand a joke is to share a culture or, more precisely, to be on the same side of an antagonism. 

And Bill Maher with his endless left wing barbs is like the man with the tattoo, he thinks his tattoo
is a statement of individuality when it is just a statement of conformity.

Bill, did you really give a $million dollars to Barack Obama? as a friend of mine opined,
''One faux courting another.''  however unlike Obama Bill has had he cojones to utter the words ''Islamic terrorsim'.

If only stand up comedians could sing/dance/play the piano rather than just talk, talk talk/preach   to their left wing audiences. God, they are so, so tiresome. 

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