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Another day, another tragedy - yet you still can't talk about the satanic causes

In the background the building that symbolises free speech, in the foreground

the consequences when free speech is under restriction by PC culture.

London terror attack LIVE: Police put UK on ALERT - 5 dead including policeman & terrorist and 40 injured in Westminster

including French school children

TERROR struck at the heart of British democracy on Wednesday as a knife man attempted to storm the Houses of Parliament and members of the public were mown down on the street outside, leaving five people dead. ...

As Nigel Farage, pungently accurate as ever on Fox news this morning stated who are to blame 
and he named Tony Blair and Peter Mandelson (UK politicians) who instigated open borders immigration
policy without the permission of the UK population, their goal to rub the British people's nose in diversity
and gerrymander ( gerrymandering manipulate the boundaries of (an electoral constituency) so as to favour one party or class).
 the voting as they knew the immigrant would always vote for the left.

What is horrible is that these poliicians Blair/Mandeslon in the UK are milionaires and still pursooing their objetive

The same gerrymandering took place in the US with the 1965 Ted Kennedy immigration act
because these politiians' intention was to keep powerby any means.

Yet here they are Blair/Mandelson the deadly duo nillionaires both and still advancing their cause on the air waves
(BBC) .and Nigel Farage is under investigation for saying somehting which 'they' deem incendiary ont the radio
 Today a balanced Justice, on the key issue of our tinem  seems a very distant dream in the UK and come to that the US as well.

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