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What can these left wing comedians do apart from talk to left wing audiences,

Image result for inane laughing audience

I mean they are not talented people ....just because they were pathological enough
to get out in front of an audience and jabber away at left wing audiences who sing from the same hymn sheet, is this an act of courage or is it a kind of fawning appeasement to the left wing status quo
 Bill Maher, Stephen Colbert et al there is something quite nauseating about their oh so righteous
opinions, they are religious in their leftist convictions but they seem unaware of it.

If only they could do something, you know sing a song, play the piano, instead of endless jabbering to the converted

Look how an opinion that opposes their sacred leftist view was recently treated on Bill Maher
the response to Piers Morgan criticism of their views  was a string of obscene language cheered on by
inane mindless laughter of the audience.

Comedians who graduate to talk show hosts, the problem with then iis they are not even funny, but I suppose
they will continue to be dumped on the contrite and passive  audiences for guessed...ratings.

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