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The Pedagogies of Crossing that Senate floor.

  1. We have a presumed separeteness claim the bovine who have never delved into consciousness.
    Your consciousness is not mine etc.

    Let us assume in the current velvet glove war (there is a knive in that glove) between
    Democrats and Republicans.  Can one conceive of either of them crossing the floor
    to aid the annulment of what is presently and growing into a civil war.

    What then are the
    Pedagogies of Crossing the Senate floor, what  restrains them, is it an ideology, a culture
    their voters, their belief they hold the moral upper hand, the belief they are enacting the good, the belief they are right, and the belief they are unbiased. All these pedagogueries  can be deconstructed to demonstrate these politicians are just passive pawns in the vagaries of time. 

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