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Regime change in the US and Civil War

One is not being overly dramatic to state that currently there is quasi civil war in the US between left and right.

 Demonstrations, marches, flag burning, comparing your President to Hitler
name calling anyone who disagrees with you as a bigot, fascist etc etc, in a tourettes syndrome of
linguistic confusion.

But there is  not yet blood on the streets, although demonstrator on the left are beginning
to hurl paving stones from the sidewalks.

This is hardly a 'United' States. 

So are people compelled to behave in this way?  Well like those who are of an extreme religious bent must act if they feel their God
has been insulted, it is also true also for those of a secular bent who feel their 'Gods' unlimited immigration, multiculturism,

diversity, globalisation, are offended they too must act.

Prognosis:  People should calm down and stop their knee jerk hysteria, and this most applies to a
half-educated liberal media.

On a broader front civil war is simmering in the UK post Brexit, 'you didn't vote to leave, did you?'
asks the aghast Guardian reading drone, without having any awareness that s/he is being manipulated
by the leftist press.

In Holland Gert Wilders raises his blond head, like some coming saviour

In France Marie Le Pen, is in the mix, although you feel with poor France it will never change.

Why is all this happening?  The left and its greedy ideology (globalisation.diveristy/immigration) have created a reaction among the peoples and who knows how this will play out.


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