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Is there a soft coup taking place in the US?

Madonna 'overdo' and Sarah 'overdo'

Image result for sarah silverman military takeover

offer their deeply considered and reflective views Image result for madonna blow up the White House
'I have often thought of blowing up the White House'; 'why not have a military coup'
with deep insights like Foucault would have hung their head in shame.

But moving on from the trivial

One has to wonder as one witnesses the vilifying of Trump, by the liberal media.

There is a similar situation in the UK, the left backlash under the guise of being reasonable
want another referendum.

In Holland Gert Wilders a strong candidate for Holland's next Trump/Brexit
is brought to Court and charged for his views.

In France Marine Le Pen is also charged by the Courts for her actions/views.

Place this in the light of Hilary Clinton's holier than thou proclamation that anyone who
would oppose the result of a democratic election is a 'deplorable', or words to that effect,

Soft coups all over, all done under the guise of a liberal velvet glove.

The argument here is that the coup is being engineered under the guise of democracy by the media and the judiciary. Why? To protect their privileged interests.


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