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Girls, change in front of that 'boy' or else.

One trembles to bring up any issue in today's Orwellian strictures on saying anything.

However, however  the following strikes one as quite mad.

The US Department of Education has done very good at demonstrating why it shouldn’t exist. It put on its most convincing display when it ruled — you know, like a court, except it’s not a court — that Illinois’ largest school district violated the “civil rights” of a gender-confused boy by not letting him use the girl’s locker room. The school district now has 30 days to force underage females to change in front of the “transgender” student, or it will lose funding.
The Gods, (Greek myth) would not smile on such or come to that the US founders.

Yikes, help. There is a real madness in the air... it is called the Liberal mind-set, these ideological nomads are quite frightening in their 'moral' certainty, so pathologically certain that it  puts religious certainty to shame.

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