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The hyperventilating anti Trumpists

Image result for mount etna

The latest US poll has 66% of Americans agreeing with Trump's immigration executive order
but what is one seeing on our screens.

An outpouring of grief, dismay, foaming at the mouth obscenities (Madonna) tears from Schumer
yet however one views (post Brexit) discredited Polls, one has to at least consider a 66% approval rating for Trump's latest 'protect the citizens' of America action.

How should one view the left's outpouring of grief and anger; think Mount Etna
and it's outpouring of lava, nature must act out its essence, equally Liberals (although their Religion is secular and does not require a religious God) they have a God of a kind - their ideals, and if they feel they has been contravened or insulted they are compelled to act.

One can make a comparison here with the Muslim compulsion to act if they feel their God has been
insulted or maligned.

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