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The EU - a move to realise a European Union by stealth

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In the 1990s the move to realise European Monetary Union was in part a neo liberal stratagem to install a permanent regime.

 In part it was an effort to create a European society by stealth.

But what moved it from the drawing board into reality was Helmut Kohl’s effort to reconcile France and the rest of the EU to German reunification and to bind a united Germany indissolubly to Europe. Twenty-five years later

All this under that ideoligical dream of the European Parliament which in the view of many who have experienced it first hand is a sham and the Eurocrats who run it are corrupt, self-serving flunkies.

‘Hopes that the creation of the euro would force rational economic behaviour on all sides  have been in vain,’ many have 

called for the single currency to be broken up so that southern Europe could recover sheer aggression of capital

 Capitalism must be cut back to the scale of the nation-state, because it is at the level of the nation-state that Europeans have over the last two centuries been able to establish ‘social cohesion and solidarity and governability’.


the EU was a free-market vehicle and the euro was its logical fulfilment 

So how will it all end

Will the members of the EU with their continued hoping and coping as if they were addicted to doping resolve their endless dispute currencies by way of paving stones

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