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Merkel’s opportunist refugee policy another vain modernist social-engineering project

Image result for stream of refugeesImage result for stream of refugees

One can only vent one's spleen at  Merkel’s refugee policy whcih in the view of many was  was another vain, modernist social-engineering project backed by Germany’s employers and the opportunistic Merkel. 

What’s more, it was an ‘object lesson in what other countries can expect from Germany acting European’, which means in practice an attack on national autonomy, as Germany’s elite identify ‘their control of Europe with a post-nationalism understood as anti-nationalism, which in turn is understood as the quintessential lesson of German history’.

Yet it is at the level of the nation-state that Europeans have over the last two centuries been able to establish ‘social cohesion and solidarity and governability’.

So, should we fall in with ‘Angela Merkel and her frivolous claim that, “If the euro fails, Europe fails” – identifying a two-thousand-year-old cultural and political landscape of grandiose jointly produced diversity with a trivial utilitarian construction that happens to serve above all the interests of the German export industries’.  

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