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Meryl Streep's speech an act of courage or cowardice?

Je suis Meryl Streep, Je suis  comedienne (apt name for actress in French) well nothing wrong with that.  

Meryl chooses t makes a speech of  attitudinising or position-taking, and victim hood

yes, she and her bejewelled congregation are victims

she opposes Donald Trump. well nothing wrong with that either.

What is palpably wrong is what appears to be her courage is in fact her cowardice

She speaks to a room full of like minded people who fat cats with saucers of milk lap up her every word,
where is the challenge in that.Image result for meryl streep

Her congregation are  to a bedecked man or woman all read from the same script, So not much of a challenge there Meryl,  

So we have this 'outsider' this victim preaching to a room full of fabulously rich other victims unable to see the irony  of being a hugely rich, successful and privileged woman lecturing the rest of us about how to go about our business in the most right-on manner imaginable. 

The mind boggles at the sheer scale of lefty grievances,

 So Meryl naively  gushes on and her jewel bedecked victims audience gush back. Then the higher than thou elitist claim that some things are not 'art' - and Hollywood is art!
Hollywood is art, please wakey wakey, Hollywood is about money and its so called art 'acting' is essentially shallow and fundamentally bourgeois.

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